Resourceful Links

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  • Jo Ann Freiberg's page hosts so many useful links and resources. Here is her mission statement: "To assist schools and other youth serving community organizations to create physically, emotionally and intellectually safe and respectful learning and social environments for all students and the adults who work with them."

  • Cyberbullying presentation for schools by Lorri Carroll, IT Director at Hamden Hall Country Day School

  • An international leader in promoting school climate, National School Climate Resource Center (NSCRC), Jo Ann Freiberg recommends this organization because they provide "research-based information and practices. They led the charge to bring national leaders together to create National School Climate Standards."

  • The State of Connecticut State Department of Education web page that has links for bullying and school climate.

  • An automated service that can help schools protect against damaging posts made on student Facebook®, Twitter® and MySpace® pages. Set up to receive alert emails whenever a troublesome post occurs, so staff can address the issue before it becomes a bigger problem for the student, family and the school..

  • Great site with videos that can be used with younger kids. This provided the inspiration for a project where students created their own psa's against "bullying"

  • Responsive Classroom model, developed by the Northeast Foundation for Children, is a widely-used and research-supported approach "to creating safe, challenging and joyful classrooms and schools." It's intended primarily for elementary and middle schools. The book Teaching Children to Care, by Ruth Sidney Charney, provides a useful introduction to the approach.